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Product knowledge

Product knowledge

Advantages of LSAW steel pipe are:


We- R.STEELhttps://www.ronggang-steel.com/ as an original factory of LSAW pipe since 2008, are good at super thickness pipe,  overlong piling pipes, structural piling pipes. We own and operate the largest pressure-forming equipment in China (10,000 tons), with a capacity  for max wall thickness of up to 120mm, and diameters btw 900mm-6m.  We have the Unique advantage of a JCOE LSAW production line. This produces single max lengths of 14m, and 60m for circular welded pipes. Our output is  300,000 tons per year. (We are the only LSAW pipe manufacturer with ABS certificate in China! )

In the long-distance pipeline construction, pipe-line account for a large proportion, generally 35% to 40% of line pipe accounts for investment projects total investment.

How to choose a reasonable price, excellent performance pipe is particularly important to a reasonable choice of pipe to save construction investment, easy construction and safe operation of the pipeline system has a very important influence. Gas Pipelines straight seam steel high-frequency electric resistance welded steel pipe, spiral submerged arc welded pipe, LSAW steel pipe.

Limited frequency straight seam electric resistance welded steel pipe diameter range is generally limited to domestic steel Φ406.4 mm or less, the largest in Japan has reached a diameter Φ508mm. For large diameter pipe in the form of a spiral SAW, LSAW two kinds. Spiral welded steel pipe because the pipe forming process and characteristics of many shortcomings, the proportion is gradually declining in the long-distance pipeline.

In other countries, especially in many European countries, it has banned the use of spiral submerged arc welded pipe used as the main line pipe. The advantage of its unique LSAW are widely used in long-distance oil and gas pipelines, and its advantages are as follows.

Advantages of LSAW steel pipe are:
Advantages of LSAW steel pipe are:
Advantages of LSAW steel pipe are:
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